(Last Updated On: 2018年7月28日)

Micro space is futrure trend

Nowadays People are increasingly aware of the importance of space, especially in China, where housing prices are getting higher.

This trend isn’t just for small spaces. Multifunctional storage becomes very exciting when you take those solutions and apply them to overall design. The goal is to give customers a more functional home without having to add an addition.

The sleeping area has the biggest impact on micro living.A TV stand in the living room, where you can watch TV and drink tea leisurely, and at night the shelf becomes a bed. This is the next generation of folding bed systems that operate with functional bed hinge for easy and safe opening and closing. They are designed with wood slats and put a comfortable mattress – made for every night sleeping. You will have a good dream here .

Foldable dining tables, foldable chairs, etc. More and more appear in people’s life.You sure can with new adaptable furniture pieces that magically transform to create seating for you and your dinner guests.

These furniture save space, but they are inseparable from the support of furniture hardware, so the production of these furniture hardware will have a good future. The demand for these hardware increases.If you are planning to sell the next generation hardware then you must keep up with the trends in micro living and the evolution of multifunctional furniture.

Living in a micro unit is great but can you entertain?