(Last Updated On: 2018年7月28日)

Decorative nail ,decorative nail strip makes close nailing employment anybody can perform. The strip are 1meter length and therefore are locked in place using individual nails with same color.It can be bent around corners and curved edges. Well suited for giving an expert finish to upholstery in fabric, vinyl or leather and  cheaper than many braids and gimps!
Sofa decorated nails are long spikes for fixing the surface of the sofa leather , fabric, etc. and have excellent decorative effect. There are many types of  sofa nails ,diverse in shape , nail shape is often made into all kinds of patterns to match the surface of the leather , fabric and so on.

Good furniture material limited can provide high quality , new design , new color , competitive price studs for customers from all over the world . Your sofa , bed ,furniture have excellent effect  ,good finish with our decoration nails , value your furniture .