(Last Updated On: 2018年8月3日)

In furniture decoration, it is important to have a perfect edge of furniture. There are 3 types furniture upholstery tack strip :

  • Cardboard tack strip

Cardboard Tack Strip is used to create a clean and crisp edge in your fabric /leather when you are blind tacking the fabric/leather in place.

 Lay the fabric /leather upside down and place the cardboard tack strip along the edge you want to make straight. Staple the tack strip into place. Flip the fabric /leather down over the tack strip.Staple the opposite side of the fabric/leather to the furniture . Such you get a perfect edge.

Metal tack strip have with plastic and without , tack strip with plastic helps prevent noise from friction.

Metal tack strip is a popular furniture upholstery material nowadays. It creates a clean, straight edge on upholstery projects and tacks the fabric in place. There is no stapling needed when using this tack strip. It has sharp prong to secure fabric firmly .

Fold the fabric back along the edge of the furniture and wrinkle it ,

Place the tack strip next to the wrinkle in the fabric. Stab the fabric with the tack strip carefully.

Flip the fabric over, pulling the fabric taut. Using an  hammer, hammer the tack strip into place. clear , straight edge occurs , It is fast , easy , conveniont, popular way .

The tack strip is usually used in curve edge furniture ,like  curved armchair,  You can see its importance. Other tack strips do not work on curve edge . it is thin, can be bent easy . The tack strip is stapled in place and its teeth grip and hold fabric in place .

Staple the tack strip in furniture via hole,and thenTuck the fabric under so the teeth of the tack strip are gripping it. Using a tool ,like a elastic hammer  to hammer down top of the tack strip  .Then trim out any excess fabric. Making sure the fabric is properly taut. Hammer its teeth down all the way .

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