Project Description

(Last Updated On: 2018年6月14日)

Decorative nail strips are used to provide furniture with a decoration that resembles upholstery nails and at the same time is easy and inexpensive to apply.

  • decorative nail strip.Continuous nail strips are a fast and easy way of getting the antique nail look done , one metre length and need nails to affix them .
  • Continuous 10 yard roll of nailhead trim and 144 matching nails.
  • Fastening nail goes in every 5th nailhead

Nail head diameter : 9.5mm , fixed nail quantity : 20pcs,
Nail head diameter:11mm, fixed nail quantity : 17pcs,
Nail head diameter:16mm, fixed nail quantity :16pcs,
Nail head diameter: 18mm, fixed nail quantity : 13pcs .
The fixed nail  is for free